Walt Disney World is undergoing so many exciting changes. There is something happening all across property. Whether it’s new attractions being built, or certain areas getting a makeover, you can see how much work is going into creating fresh experiences for guests. Take Epcot for example. There are two new rides being added, Guardians of the Galaxy in Future World and a Ratatouille attraction by the France pavilion. As we previously reported, the front of the park is also getting revamped, and that includes moving the Leave A Legacy stones. These mini walls have guest photos on them from years ago, my kids are even on them. The moving has begun and we have photos!

As you can see, the area in front of Spaceship Earth looks pretty bare now! The Leave a Legacy “walls” are not being destroyed, they are being moved. I’m excited to see what the new front of the park will look like once all the renovations are completed. Stay tuned for more updates as we hear!

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Sipich!

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