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Take a Ride on Test Track at Epcot in HD!

Take a Ride on Test Track at Epcot in HD! 1 Recently we headed over to Epcot and went on one of our kids favorite attractions, Test Track! We brought the camera with us and got footage of the ride in HD, it came great! Take a ride on on Test Track on the link below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! Continue Reading

Soarin’ Around the World is Open at Epcot… My Thoughts!

Soarin' Around the World is Open at Epcot... My Thoughts! 2 As you know, Soarin’ at Epcot was closed for months undergoing a large refurbishment. The ride was getting a third concourse added, and the movie and screens were also getting an update. After a long wait, we finally got to ride the updated “Soarin’ Around the World” at Epcot, and I must say, it was worth the wait. Truth be told, I loved the old Soarin’. I loved the music, the smells, Continue Reading

‘Captain EO’ is back on Epcot’s schedule

'Captain EO' is back on Epcot's schedule 3 We had quite a few readers ask about whether or not the Michael Jackson short “Captain EO” was coming back to Epcot, or if it was gone for good. Captain EO was taken out of it’s usual spot, and the preview of the film “Tomorrowland” was put in it’s place. After Tomorrowland, “Inside Out” was there for it’s preview. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Captain EO Continue Reading

Height Requirements for Attractions at Epcot!

Height Requirements for Attractions at Epcot! 4 Yesterday we shared the height requirements for attractions at the Magic Kingdom, which a lot of people found helpful! Here’s the height requirements for people visiting Epcot, courtesy of Disney Parks Blog! This information is great to know for guests traveling with little ones so you can be prepared ahead of time. Hope it helps! Continue Reading
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