Being a Princess of a particular age is hard. For example, finding socially acceptable Disney fashions that don’t look ridiculous is an ongoing struggle, at least for me. One store that we like to check out at the mall is Hot Topic. Back in the day, Hot Topic used to be the goth store, filled with black clothing, chains, and hard rock music. Well, nowadays, they have a huge selection of pop culture items, including a lot of Disney and Marvel shirts and accessories. Great, right? Well, in theory yes. Every time I see new merchandise come out, I get excited, then immediately wonder how it would look on me.

So this one time, I was at Hot Topic with the family, and low and behold, some cute Cinderella items were on the clearance rack. I had been eye-balling this particular skirt with Cinderella pumpkins on it and black lace underneath. They had said skirt on the rack, and the matching shirt too. I thought I hit the jackpot. Something told me I had better go try it on, and my gosh, I’m glad that I did. I found a larger size in the skirt, thinking that I’d allow extra room just in case, being that a lot of their clothes are geared for younger people. What about the shirt? Eh, better grab a larger size too, same reasons. I went into the dressing room and struggled getting this seemingly adorable outfit on. Once I had on the skirt and shirt that I had been longing for, I looked in the mirror and almost died. Seriously? What in the world was I looking at? I looked like stuffed sausage with a pretty black lace rim. It was awful, and I mean AWFUL. Once the shock wore off, I actually laughed. I guess certain outfits aren’t meant for everyone, at least not this one.  So, the Cinderella look was a no go. On the bright side, I saved myself some money.

When I came out of the dressing room, the family asked how it went. There were no words, just sheer horror of what I just saw. Sausage style Cinderella. No, just no. Needless to say, the Cindy outfit went back on the rack, and I went over to look at the Disney jewelry and purses. Anyone can fit into a necklace and not look ridiculous, same concept for purses. It’s a bit of a harsh dose of reality. I mean, I don’t feel my age at all. I still shop like I’m a kid, I still love cute and trendy styles. Should it matter that I graduated from high school in the 90’s and not in recent years? My gosh, the 90’s! It does not seem that long ago. Besides, isn’t age just a number? It should be!

Clothing manufacturers seem to be making efforts to accommodate more sizes. Box Lunch has a great Disney line, Her Universe too, which seems to fit better than what Hot Topic offers, but again, it just depends on the style.  Our clothing company, Lost Princess Apparel, has great clothing for all sizes too.  Yes I did that on purpose, I know the struggle. So what do us grown up Princesses do? Keep shopping, that’s what! It’s a never ending quest, trying to look cute and still let our likes and personality shine through, especially where Disney is concerned. It’s something that I’m always up for the challenge for, and will try to have fun in the mean time! You only live once, wear whatever makes you happy and what makes you feel good about yourself. The only person you have to please is you…. happy shopping ladies!


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