This is pretty horrifying…

New horror game on the way thanks Steamboat Willie entering public domain

From and written by Ryan McCaffrey

Nightmare Forge games has announced Infestation 88, a new 1-4 player survival horror co-op game that aims to infuse nostalgia with terror (in the vein of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey) by twisting the now-in-the-public-domain Steamboat Willie into something much scarier. It’s in development for PC.

The developers describe it as such: “In the year 1988, what was thought to be an outbreak of rodents in various locations morphed into something far more sinister.” Sometimes you’ll need to fight, sometimes you’ll need to run, and sometimes you’ll need to hide in a locker. You can set traps and utilize CCTV cameras to try and stay one step ahead of the infestation, and item layouts are randomized in order to help keep matches fresh. Check out the announcement trailer above and the first screenshots in the gallery below.

Nightmare Forge promises private and public lobbies, character customization, scaling enemy behavior, and DLSS support. If you’re interested, you can wishlist Infestation 88 on Steam.

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