On Monday morning strong winds reportedly caused a light pole to fall at Disneyland, which caused three people to be injured. One of which, was transported to the hospital, according to CNN.

One person was transported to a local hospital with “serious injuries” and two others were injured, said Jon McClintock, public information office with Anaheim Public Safety, to CNN. McClintock told CNN Anaheim Fire and Rescue responded to the Main Street area of Disneyland around 8:30 a.m. PT on Monday to find a light pole had fallen and three people were injured.

The two people who remained on scene were treated for minor injuries and released, according to McClintock. Officials believe the light pole fell over because of strong winds, he said.

The National Weather Service had issued an advisory that winds could reach up t0 25 miles per hour, prior to the incident. The advisory was in Orange County coastal areas and in effect until Tuesday morning. According to the notice, wind gusts could reach up to 25 miles per hour and potentially “blow around unsecured objects,” including tree limbs.

It appears the pole has since been removed and the area is no longer closed off to guests.

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Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse