A guest to Walt Disney World is making headlines after going viral on social media for jumping into the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT over a $6,000 bet.

A guest passing by at the time of the incident said they were walking through the Italy Pavilion on Monday when they heard the man and his friends “acting up,” Brendan and Gwyn from DisFamily Adventures  (@disfamily_adventures) told FOX 35 News.

“(It) caught our attention,” they said.

Reportedly, the friends were talking “about a bet” and said they’d give the man $6,000 if he jumped into the water.

“I wanted to stick around to see if anything would happen,” Brendan and Gwyn added.

That’s when the man climbed onto the railing.

“How deep is that water?” he’s heard saying on the video obtained by FOX 35 News.

About a minute later, he jumped in.

People watching the man jump into the lagoon at EPCOT were shouting at the man, as heard on the video.

“You’re gonna get kicked out of Disney, mister!” one person is heard saying.

“He’s gonna jump!” said another.

Disney security was quick to the scene.

“A Disney manager was on her radio before he even hit the water so when he joined his buddies, Disney security was right behind him,” @disfamily_adventures said.

As we’ve shared in the past, Walt Disney World reserves the right to prohibit guests from attending their parks if they act out!

“We reserve the right to deny admission, prevent entry or require a person already admitted to leave the Walt Disney World Resort or any part thereof, without refund, liability or compensation, for failure to comply with any of these rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances otherwise so require, in our sole and absolute discretion,” per a statement listed on the Walt Disney World website.

What are your thoughts on this man jumping into the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT over a $6,000 bet? Let us know in the comments! 

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