Walt Disney World updated their website today with Annual Pass & Parking increases. Well, the Disneyland Resort in California has released price hikes as well, just in time for the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know-

Theme Parks-

Disneyland still has its 6-tier ticket-buying process and the resort’s starting price for a single-day, single-park ticket has remained unchanged since 2019 at $104. Most of the tiers are seeing between $5 to $15 increases.

You can still choose from single or multi-day tickets (with or without park hopping) within the tiered ticketing structure. Before, a single-day, single-park ticket in the most expensive tier (6) would cost you $179. Now, you’ll be paying $194.

Park Hopper add-ons-

This will cost you more as well but only for multi-day tickets. A Park Hopper add-on, which allows you to enter the second park after 11 a.m., is still $65 for single-day tickets.

For 2-day tickets, a Park Hopper add-on is now $65 as opposed to $60. For 3-day tickets, it’s $70.

Magic Key passes-

Each pass type – which includes the Inspire, Believe, Enchant and Imagine passes – will see a price hike.

The Imagine pass, the least expensive, saw a $50 increase for a total of $499. The Enchant pass went from $699 to $849 and the Believe pass went from $1,099 to $1,249. The Inspire pass, the most expensive, also saw a $50 increase for a total of $1,649.

Disneyland Resort is also introducing Magic Key Extras Unlocked, which is being described as a new, easy way to discover extras and experiences that are part of the Magic Key community.

This includes a preview of a Disney PhotoPass Magic Shot, a complimentary holiday tote bag coming in November (while supplies last), and a new Magic Key popcorn bucket – with $1.75 refills for a limited time – available for purchase starting in January, also while supplies last.


Regular parking is going up $5, meaning you’ll be paying $35. Preferred parking will now be $55.

Are you concerned about the new increases? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Info from ABC7

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