Following the backlash of employees who lost the perk of their Disney annual passes, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District leaders have decided to reconsider worker’s benefits and have announced they’re going back to the drawing board to decide.

Annual passes to the Disney Parks have been a known perk of working for the district for quite some time. However, this changed after what was once called the Reedy Creek Improvement District was no longer controlled by Disney. Workers who benefited by the annual pass perk included firefighters, maintenance workers, and other employees.

The perk was officially taken away a few weeks ago due to its cost. Reportedly, the change was initially explained as a move to comply with ethics laws. Although, documents and statements reveal the reasoning to be cost savings.

Board members said most employees didn’t utilize the perk and said they would replace it with a stipend that would cover the cost of an annual pass or be available for any other use. Following this change, ex-employees, as well as ones with larger families complained.

In a meeting Wednesday evening, CFTOD Administrator Glen Gilzean announced the district would reexamine the stipend and raise the allowance. He said a new figure would be announced at the end of September. Additionally, he said the district was exploring allowing employees to purchase their annual passes from Disney under a company-led partner program.

Board member Bridget Ziegler added to Gilzean’s comments, thanking employees for sticking with the district and working hard despite the difficult transition period and ongoing lawsuits.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District officially ended in February of this year in a bill signed by the Florida Governor. At that time, it was also announced the organization would be led by five members of the state, all appointed by the Governor.

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Sean Sposato