A new rumor making its way across the internet regarding the highly anticipated “Toy Story 5” sequel is beginning to infuriate the internet! Based on these new claims, which are only rumors, it’s hard for us to not question our own feelings about the film series as well.

For those not aware, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the iconic film series would be receiving a fifth installment back in February. At the time of the announcement, Iger revealed the film was already “in development.”

Following this news, a Pixar executive later confirmed that Woody and Buzz would be returning for “Toy Story 5.” However, a new and unconfirmed report is suggesting we’ll see the return of Andy in “Toy Story 5” and it’s been throwing many through a loop given his dramatic exit from the series in “Toy Story 3.”

It goes without saying that no one with authority from either Disney or Pixar has confirmed this news. Although, we can say we’ve heard even crazier rumors of other upcoming films on the internet, which also ended up being true. Even still, this is only a rumor so we recommend taking it with a grain of salt. 

Of course, even though this is only a rumor many have taken to the internet to share their distaste of the idea.

@NicholasPas5 posted on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the rumor, writing: “So what’s the point of the ending to Toy Story 3?”

Cris Parker (@3CFilmss) questioned if Andy might return for an unexpected and emotional plot twist, writing: “They’re really just about to retcon the Toy Story finale for the third time and just have the toys end up with Andy’s kids aren’t they?”

Others have questioned if a fifth film would be the only remaining in the series. Jolly J (@DynamoSuperX) wrote: “So, they’re gonna have these toys somehow end up with Andy’s kids and they’re making a Toy Story 6 with Andy Jr. It’s crazy how Disney made the perfect trilogy only to miss the entire point of what was supposed to be the final movie.”

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Andy returning to the “Toy Story” franchise in the fifth film? Do you think he should no longer be featured in the iconic series? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato