Chris Evans Comments on Possible Return to The Marvel Cinematic Universe

We all know and love Chris Evans for his incredible portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, his run in the internationally famous film series came to an end–at least…we thought it did?

For those who closely follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re probably well aware the Captain America portrayed by Evans came to an end in “Avengers: Endgame,” when he was transformed into an old. However, rumors have been swirling since the cataclysmic film questioning if we really saw “the end” of the larger than life character.

This weekend, Evan was in attendance at C2E2 in Chicago, where he addressed the idea of a return during his panel.

“It’s tough, because look, I love that role deeply,” Evans shared. “He means so much to me, and I really do. I think there’s more Steve Rogers stories tell, sure. But at the same time, I’m very, very precious with it. I’d become, you know, it’s like this little shiny thing that I have that I love so much, and I just don’t want to mess up in any way, and I was a part of something that was so special for the special period of time and in a way, it really landed so well. He continued, “As much as I’m connected to that role and love telling those stories and working with those people. It doesn’t quite feel right right now.”

“It wasn’t a plan,” Evans explained when asked why he keeps doing comic book movies. “I wasn’t like ‘comics!’ … But the more you make those movies, the more research you do prior to the film, the more you realize you become a fan, you know, and you start to see with the fancy and these amazing characters and great stories and there’s a starting point for the, you know, films … You have all these creative people coming together, trying to operate on the same intangible idea. Comics give everyone a common ground to kind of say ‘we’ve all seen this’. We all know how we felt when we read it, when we saw it. And that’s the starting point. And that’s really, it’s an incredible help when you make it a film, not to mention the incredible built-in fan base.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Chris Evans should no longer portray Captain America? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse