Disney World Fan Pleads for Theme Park to Change Mulan’s Appearance in Six-Page Open Letter

March 21, 2023 ,

A Disney Parks fan has put together a letter on google documents, which she posted on Reddit. The open letter is six-pages long and directed to the theme park resort, begging for the change of Mulan’s costume.

The letter, which is currently anonymous, signed only by “A Disney Fan,” was shared on the subreddit r/WaltDisneyWorld by user u/tjkim9- last weekend. The unidentified fan states they are an Asian American woman and that Mulan’s new costume design and looks “betray the character in many different aspects.”

“When I look at the new costume, if I were asked who this character was, I don’t know if I could immediately recognize her,” she wrote.

In the letter, the fan does not identify which Disney park she was referring to, the pictures included in the letter — taken by Instagram user @seizingthemagic — show Mulan from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

After pointing out the issues with Mulan’s look, she then went on to list some of the discrepancies she noticed after comparing the park’s version of Mulan with the character from the 1998 animated film.

The fan went on to state that the actor’s makeup matches that of Mulan’s during her matchmaker visit in the movie. However, her hairstyle, which the fan described to be a tight updo with bangs, does not.

The fan also went on to discuss Mulan’s dress and noted that its color palette is not associated with the Disney character, unlike the other Disney princesses in the Walt Disney World parks, whose hairstyles and dresses remain true to the original designs.

The fan then explained that the color combination of Mulan’s matchmaker costume is inaccurate, pointing out that the dress from the movie is a darker shade of pink than the one used in the park costume.

“While the designers may have attempted to introduce a new dress for Mulan, it fails to easily identify her as the classic Mulan from the animated film,” the fan wrote.

The final concern listed in the letter was the use of Mulan’s makeup from the matchmaking scene, which is symbolic of the character’s feelings of societal pressures.

The fan noted that the scene in which Mulan wipes off her makeup while looking at her reflection is an iconic moment for the character, for she finally reveals “her true self.”

To me, Mulan wearing the matchmaker makeup in the parks betrays the growth and development she goes through in the movie and diminishes her to only being a princess rather than the warrior she is as well,” the fan declared.

At the end of her letter, the fan implored Disney to change Mulan’s costume in its parks, writing, “Have her looks reflect, respect, and honor who she was and who she continues to be. Please.”

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Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse