A two-day auction happening at Heritage Auctions includes the sale of some of the most incredible Disney Parks items, including a Walt Disney World Monorail Cabin and a Disneyland Skyway Park Attraction vehicle–both of which, once held actual guests!

Yes–you read that right, the Disney auction, which is happening very soon, is called “The Art of Disneyland: From Stagecoaches to Monorails… and More.” The auction is being hosted by Heritage Auctions and will be held on March 25-26, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.

Beyond these two attraction vehicles, the auction also includes many other different items from other facets of The Walt Disney Company, including items from Disney Cruise Line and animation art! Some items included in the auction include Cast Member costumes, attraction props, signs, concept art, restaurant menus, furniture, and so much more. Currently, online bidding is available through the official website.

At the time of the writing of this article, the Disneyland – Skyway Park – Used Attraction Vehicle, which was featured at Walt Disney World from 1965-1994, is currently being bid for $5,250. To read more, or to bid on this item, click here.

According to the auction’s website, the vehicle is composed of painted fiberglass with a metal frame. Small portions of its original cables can be seen at the top of the canopy. The door still closes and latches, and the interior still features its stylish Skyway safety plaque.

The side features the vehicle number 38. It measures an impressive 6ft tall, 69.5″ wide, and 4ft deep. It is in Very Good condition, with a few small scratches and scuffs throughout from its Park-use and removal. The Skyway closed on November 9, 1994, making this a phenomenal artifact of Disneyland history.

The Walt Disney World – Park-Used Monorail Mark IV Cabin (Walt Disney, 1984-90s), is currently being bid at $1,115. To read more, or to bid on this item, click here.

According to the listing, This is an original cabin used on the Mark IV Monorail Lime at Walt Disney World, which went into service in 1984. In the early 1990s, Monorail Lime was retired at Walt Disney World and sold to be used on the Las Vegas Monorail System.

It was refurbished and repainted with a blue stripe to its current appearance, as used on the Las Vegas Monorail System. This incredible vehicle is primarily composed of metal and painted fiberglass. All four of its doors on its primary side still manually open and close, and all of its windows are still intact.

Inside the cabin are eight rows of seating, an emergency phone, warning signage for the overhead emergency exit and “watch your head” signage over the doorways, and “no smoking” and “no food or beverage” plaques. The cabin measures approximately 80″ x 96″ x 28ft long.

The condition is Fair to Good, with moderate wear throughout from its use, removal, and age, particularly to the paint and trim near the bottom of the doors. There are a few small absent pieces, such as three door handles on the back side of the Monorail cabin.

To see the full auction, be sure to head over to the Heritage Auctions website, by clicking here.

Will you being bidding on any of these items for yourself or a loved one? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse