All of your cruise “wishes” are about to come true…

By: Ali Marchetti 

This morning at a dark 5 am, Jetty Park in Port Canaveral became all aglow with pure Disney magic.  Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship in their magical fleet, the Wish, made its arrival to its home port of Port Canaveral, Florida.  As the ship slowly sailed into port it passed a very large group of early rising fans that camped out at Jetty Park.  These folks included: travel agents, social media influencers and just some die-hard Disney and cruise fans alike.  The energy and excitement could be felt and heard through the air, as people were sharing this momentous occasion on their live-streams and cheering as this massive beauty sailed by.

The 1,121 foot ship sailed by being completely lit up in all its magical glory, complete with spotlights beaming from the top deck.  The crew was lined up on various decks to wave and cheer at the fans as they headed “home” for the first time.  As it approached the dock, the Wish gave one blast from its horns with a melodic sound made famous by Disney Cruise Line.  Even in the dark, this ship looks breathtaking, and I am sure everyone watching it glide by was thinking the same thing: “Man I can’t wait to get onboard.”  Next week the Wish is scheduled to have her “christening” cruise for media and travel professionals, which TMSM will be on to cover the new ship! Once again, Disney has set the bar for cruising luxury and the Wish is here to make all your vacation wishes come true!

Are you excited about the Disney Wish or planning to sail? Tell us about it in the comments!


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