Will Thor: Love and Thunder be Chris Hemsworth’s last Marvel movie? Hemsworth has been playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the first Thor movie was released in 2011; over a decade (and eight Marvel movies) later, Hemsworth is starring in Thor 4, which will see the mystical hammer and Thunder God powers handed off to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. The more that fans see of Thor: Love and Thunder, the more they are getting the sense that director Taika Waititi is telling the final story of Thor Odinson in the MCU.

In his latest interview, Chris Hemsworth is also now indicating that Thor: Love and Thunder could be his last Marvel movie:

“Well the last [Marvel movie] I shot was ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and it might be my last Marvel movie, I don’t know,” Hemsworth said during his Q&A with Wired. “It was a wild and fun and wacky experience, as all Taika Waititi movies are. Played that character for ten, eleven, years now, and each time it’s been new and exciting, and this was no exception to that. It felt very fresh and it felt like we were trying something we hadn’t tried before. I was, in Taika’s words, I think a wacky, wild, romantic comedy set in space.”

Chris Hemsworth (and the Thor franchise) seemed to get a much-needed jolt of life from Taika Waititi taking the reigns with Thor: Ragnarok. The film and its satirical take on Thor and his mythos may be more debated today, but it certainly rekindled the series after the steep drop-off that was Thor: The Dark World. But while Taika may bring fresh energy to each installment, Chris Hemsworth was one star who was great inconvenienced by Hollywood’s shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic; filming on Thor 4 was delayed, meaning Hemsworth had to put the physical training work in for an extra year in to maintain for filming. Getting Love and Thunder onscreen may have taken a very heavy toll…

Before we all jump to the conclusion that Thor: Love and Thunder is killing off Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and passing the torch to Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, Hemsworth does indicate later in the interview that he would keep playing Thor, if so desired:

“I love playing Thor – played it for many many years and would continue to do so if people wanted me to,” Hemsworth says. “The most challenging part of playing Thor is reinventing it each time and not having it be predictable for an audience and having it be soemthing they’ve seen before… And that is a challenge but part of the fun.”

So far, no plans for Thor 5 have (seemingly) been made.