A huge “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed ship cruised by the very courthouse where the star of the franchise is waiting to hear his fate.

The “boat” sits atop a flatbed truck and made a splash smack Tuesday in front of the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia.

The vessel has a Captain Jack Sparrow banner hanging off the side, displaying the actor’s face for all to see … it’s also got a mannequin pirate in front, manning a cannon while looking out onto the choppy waters/sidewalk.

All that’s missing is a jar of dirt!

Johnny was spending time overseas during the holiday weekend — although he traveled by air — hitting the stage Monday for the second night in a row with Jeff Beck at the famed Royal Albert Hall in England, playing hits all night long.

Odds are, Johnny took a trip back to the states after his 2-night rock session … so he can be in position as the jury decides who to believe — himself, Amber, or neither.

This ship is a huge gesture of support for Johnny Depp! Thoughts?

Originally reported by TMZ

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