Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ to Include a Former Cast Member

March 30, 2022 ,

Everyone’s favorite Merc with a mouth has already been confirmed to be coming back to the big screen in a third Deadpool. Today, it seems we got confirmation of another return to the series–a fan favorite character from the first two films!

It’s official, Leslie Uggams, who played the blind roommate featured in the first two “Deadpool” films, will be returning to the third film. The news was revealed today in a tweet from Reynolds when he was replying to a tweet where Uggams was paying tribute to the work of both Reynolds and director Shawn Levy on Netflix’s “The Adam Project.”

“Thank you, Leslie. See you soon,” Reynolds said to the actor on Twitter, being sure to include three sword emojis for his comments.

The original tweet from Uggams said:

“5⭐️for this wonderful film! #Deadpool pal @VancityReynolds has done it again, exploring the father/son relationship as a timeless force. There’s a lovely homage to #FieldOfDreams too. ⚾️ Director @ShawnLevyDirect
is now attached to the upcoming #Deadpool3, too. Should be great!😎”

The tweet from Uggams was her comment on the news that “The Adam Project” is currently the number one film on Netflix.

At this time, not many details beyond this are known about the upcoming project other than the fact that this will be the first film of the franchise to be released under the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We do know that Shawn Levy, who also directed “The Adam Project,” will officially serve as the director for the third film. In a recent interview, the director revealed “Deadpool 3” will not be filming this year. As to when the movie will go into production remains unknown.

There have been several rumors in the past trying to pinpoint the exact time we’d see the third film in the MCU. However, at this time it still remains a mystery.

What are your thoughts on Uggams returning for “Deadpool 3”? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse