Looking to surprise your house guests with a bit of magic as they enter your home? Check out this two-pack of Gertmenian Disney Mickey Mouse Retro Doormats on Amazon!

No one is more inviting than Mickey Mouse, which makes him the perfect greeter to anyone visiting your home for the first time! And in these awesome and retro styles, you can actually switch back and forth between these two epic designs as these doormats come in a pair!

The first design, featured below, features the famous icon in three different poses, happy, happier, and angry! The three black and white images are placed on the doormat over “Welcome” text and are perfect for every month of the season.

The second design, featured below, features the icon up, close, and personal, with screen text that reads, “Home.” I don’t know about you, but anywhere Mickey Mouse greets me feels like “home” to me.

The two are authentic mats made by Gertmenian (est. 1896), who is a licensed manufacturer of genuine mickey mouse area rugs and floor mats meeting Disney’s highest standard; quality assurance. The rugs come in a 2-pack of rectangular shaped doormats, which measure 20 inches x 34 inches; pile: 0.5 inch. They also feature a non-skid backing.

Both mats offer easy care, as they can be cleaned simply by vacuum or shaking them as necessary. For spot cleaning, the listing for the item recommends mild soap with a damp cloth and a hang dry.

Both area rugs feature HD digital prints, which is why both of these mats are able to feature vibrant colors and sharpness in their designs.

Cleaning a doormat is a straightforward task that can easily be accomplished with regular care. However, when it comes to cleaning your entire house, it’s important to approach the task with care and thoroughness.

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To purchase these matts in a combo set for yourself or someone you care about, head over to Amazon. Both doormats are available for the combined purchase price of $49.84. We recommend purchasing them quick as there are only limited supply left!

Will you be purchasing these epic Mickey Mouse doormats for your home? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse