Looking to rock intergalactic fashion from a galaxy far, far away? Now’s your chance with these Empire Leggings from Lost Princess Apparel!

Travel to the dark side in these sinister leggings, which feature prints of the iconic members of the galactic empire: Darth Vader and stormtroopers. The pair are featured side-by-side in this stylish and evil print, pictured below.

The leggings can only be described as a buttery-soft made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex milk silk fabric.

Personally, we’re a big fan of wearing these looks at the Disney Parks as they go with almost every other piece of Disney-themed merchandise you can imagine.

To purchase a pair of these leggings for yourself or a loved one, be sure to head over to Lost Princess Apparel. There, the leggings are currently available for $25.00 and come in sizes Tween to Tall & Curvy 2 Capri.

If these leggings aren’t enough for you, be sure to also check out this Team Vader Jersey. Similar to the Empire Leggings, this jersey also features a graphic of the dark lord.

As part of the graphic, Vader’s trademark helmet is outlined in red with 2 sabers behind it. The back features the number 77, marking the year 1977 when Star Wars debuted in theaters. The top of the jersey is reflective of the suit he wore.

To purchase this jersey, be sure to head over to Lost Princess Apparel. There, the jersey is currently available for $65.00 and can be purchased in sizes Small to Goalie 2XL.

As a note regarding the jersey, it features sublimation printed, not patched or embroidered. Sublimated printing means the whole design the stripes, logos, numbers, name, etc. – are heat bonded through a special process into the fabric of the jersey.  It also means the fabric is extremely wash resistant. The colors will never fade, and the logos will never wrinkle or peal.

Will you be purchasing either of these intergalactic offerings from Lost Princess Apparel? Let us know in the comments! 

Sean Sposato