WATCH: Disney World guest yells at cast member for moving stroller in TikTok video

January 19, 2022

If you remember our “Don’t be That Guy at Disney” series, then you’ll certainly think that this situation would apply! Before you get the scoop, rumor has it that this person was removed and banned, rightfully so if that’s the case.

TikTok viewers are jumping to the defense of a Walt Disney World CM after a video was released of a guest arguing with him for allegedly moving her stroller at Magic Kingdom.

The video was posted this week by user @maddieisraddie with the caption, “Karen has MASSIVE freakout at Disney World.”

“Don’t touch my stroller!” she’s heard yelling while holding up her phone and appearing to record the interaction. “It does not say no stroller parking! If you’re gonna move my stroller, then you stand there and you let me know you moved my stroller.”

“Cast members move strollers all the time – it’s their job to rearrange them so others can park their strollers,” one viewer wrote on TikTok.

“She’s filming him as if she’s the one in the right,” another said.

Some viewers identified the cast member as ‘Shawn’ and praised him for staying calm under the circumstances.

“If someone knows Shawn please let me know I’d like to buy him dinner!”

Cast Members do move strollers in order to keep things orderly and to save space, most know that.  Some guests attach something on the stroller like a ribbon or tag to help them find it.  Regardless, behavior like this should never happen, as Cast Members do their very best to make sure guests have a magical experience.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen this type of thing before in the parks?

The Main Street Mouse