Even More Characters Were Planned to Return to ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ According to Writers

Disclaimer: For those who have not yet seen “Spider-Man: No Way Home” we will try our best in this article to not reveal too many spoilers. However, be advised that we can’t promise some of the information you may read in this post might cause you to draw certain conclusions on your own. Happy reading! 

If you’ve seen “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” you’re like the rest of the world, still in shock over the characters Sony Pictures was able to bring back to this epic movie franchise. According to writers, it seems even more characters were originally planned to return for this third film. However, it seems it just didn’t work out.

Per a recent chat with Variety, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna revealed that in their initial draft of the film there was as many characters in it as they could possibly fit into it!

“Let’s write the script that is the kitchen sink and we’ll just act like we were going to get everything we wish for,” McKenna told the outlet. “And like Peter’s wish, it became a nightmare, and it required very, very talented people to help us not die at the end.”

To not reveal too many spoilers, the first draft reportedly included love interests seen in some of the other “Spider-Man” franchised films. It’s worth saying though, none of those, who will not be named, ever actually shot for the film.

“We went down different roads with different characters that just didn’t fit,” added McKenna. “We can’t get into the details of that because it might be the kind of thing where they’ll find a way to explore those ideas. So I’d hate to spoil anything, because I think we had a lot of fun.”

As one can imagine, having the creative powers Sommers and McKenna had when drafting the initial script, the writers admit they may have actually gone overboard with the first draft.

“The first draft, we bit off more than we could chew,” he confirmed. “Maybe some would argue that we still bit off more than we can chew.”

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Sean Sposato
The Main Street Mouse