If you miss “Happily Ever After” at Magic Kingdom AND love Christmas lights, this one is definitely for you!

There is a magical Christmas light show in Hazlet, NJ that is making headway and deservedly so! The person who programs, sets up, and displays the lights is an 18 year old named Ryan. He created this amazing show simply to share joy and happiness with others. The world needs more of this kind of kindness for sure! I asked Ryan a few questions and wanted to share with you!

What made you decide to do such an elaborate display for Christmas this year?

One of the best feelings you get when you are at Disney, is when you are standing in front of the castle watching the firework shows. Almost anyone you ask gets the chills when Tinker Bell flies! I wanted to re-create that for people at home and for those that cannot experience going to Disney World. We have always done a very big Christmas display, but with the retiring of Happily Ever After, I wanted to take it to the next level. The idea was to use projection mapping along with programming of Christmas lights to create a recreation of Happily Ever After at my own home.

How long did this take to put together?

There are always new additions  being added to the display, with an open note tab on my phone to record any time I have a new idea for the show. The programming usually starts in the summer months around July and the physical display starts set up in September.

Are you a life long Disney fan?
-Yes, ever since a kid I was fascinated with Disney and always dreamed of working behind the scenes one day. As a life long Disney World fan and now an annual pass holder, the show Happily Ever After holds a special place in the hearts of die hard Disney fans such as my family and I.

This is absolutely beautiful, and we thank Ryan for sharing his work with us! Now grab a tissue, you may be like me and cry, and enjoy a holiday version of Happily Ever After below! Merry Christmas!

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