Scentsy has been on a roll lately with some magical licensed Disney products. Remember the Haunted Mansion warmer frenzy last month? Well, get ready for another fantastic launch from Scentsy that’s perfect for you Pixar fans! It’s Carl & Ellie’s house from the beloved movie “Up!” Take a look!

How awesome is that? If you are wondering how to order this new Up house & fragrance wax for yourself, here’s the scoop-

On Monday, November 15th, there will be a launch on my site on the link below, usually around 1:00 EST.

There will be a virtual queue system in place. Once you’re in the queue, don’t refresh your screen! You’ll be taken to the order screen when it’s your turn to shop. These have the potential to sell out fast so be sure to set a reminder! You can also join my Facebook group on the link to keep up with the latest updates!

I’ll post reminders before the launch on Monday as well. Super exciting!

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