Shanghai Disneyland locked over 33,000 guests inside its park for mass testing after 1 confirmed case of COVID-19 was detected on Sunday.

On Sunday evening the theme park announced it was no longer accepting any visitors and was cooperating with an epidemiological investigation from another province. According to CBS News, the park then locked down its gates as Shanghai city health care workers and police rushed to conduct a mass testing of the 33,863 visitors already inside.

Following this testing, it was announced the park will remain closed both Monday and Tuesday as it continues to cooperate with pandemic prevention efforts, Shanghai Disneyland said in a statement Monday.

The case that might have caused this mass hysteria of COVID testing and a full lockdown is believed to have come from a single person’s illness, which was discovered in the nearby city of Hangzhou. According to local media, it is said this ill person had visited the theme park on Saturday.

Reportedly, it took hours on Sunday night to test the tens of thousands of families and visitors who were stuck at the park waiting for negative results before they could leave. On Monday, the city announced all 33,863 guests had tested negative. Additionally, they will all be asked to get tested again and their health will be monitored.

One park guest, who gave her family name as Chen, said she was inside the park when she heard an announcement at 5 p.m. that everyone must get tested.

“No one complained, and everyone behaved really well,” Chen said, adding that she holds an annual membership and visits the park at least once a month. She is waiting at a hotel for her second COVID-19 test before she can go back to Beijing.

What are your thoughts on Shanghai Disneyland locking down its gates and testing all 33,000 of its park guests after this case of COVID-19? Let us know in the comments! 

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