These Are the Most Adorable Baby Yoda Sneakers We’ve Ever Seen

Are you a fan of Baby Yoda–the rising star from a galaxy far, far away in the Disney+ original series “The Mandalorian”? Well, here’s your chance to show off your love for the intergalactic traveler as these new sneakers from are the ultimate tribute to the beloved creature!

The unisex shoes are now available for pre-order and can be found exclusively at The shoes are unisex and range in sizes from 5 to 12 in men’s and 7 to 14 in women’s. Currently, the shoes are expected to ship to eager fans sometime in June.

The space-themed shoes are officially licensed by Disney and feature a green and black color scheme with a chibi design of Baby Yoda–Baby Yoda in his pod and a frog snack, on the sides. This matches perfectly with the shoes’ black and green accents of its laces and front. Not to mention the shoes’ tongue, which is a wide-eyed Baby Yoda! To pre-order these adorable shoes, click here!

The shoes are made of man-made materials, faux leather uppers, and vinyl soles.

If these shoes aren’t enough Baby Yoda for you, we also recommend checking out this snack eating little Grogu–now available for pre-order!

The toy allows users to place any of the included entertainment-inspired accessories in his hand and he’ll react! Put an accessory in his mouth, and he’ll make eating sounds that let you know if he thinks it’s yummy or yucky! When Grogu (The Child) wants to be picked up and held, he’ll reach up with both arms. And with Force activation, the Galactic Snackin’ Grogu toy will perform a 2-handed Force move, inspired by scenes from season 2 of the live-action series The Mandalorian on Disney+! Additional features include series-inspired sound effects, a premium soft goods robe, moving head, ears, arms, and blinking eyes!

To pre-order the Galactic Snackin’ Grogu – Star Wars: The Mandalorian for $79.99, click here!

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