Here’s a fun craft idea from Disney Family that involves snacking! Fondue anyone? With these Mickey & Friends Fondue Sticks, you’ll be able to dunk your way to delicious! Charming details like Mickey’s buttons, Minnie’s hat and Donald’s preppy bowtie mean that you’re in for one classy meal. Make sure you have plenty of nibbles on hand once these playful pals are ready to dip!

What you’ll need-

6 wooden handle fondue sticks
Painter’s tape
Acrylic paints, black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink, brown, and green
Scalloped scissors, for Minnie
Paint markers, white and yellow
Craft felt, black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink, brown, and green
Piece of black twine, for Minnie
Black marker
Removable adhesive glue dots
Helpful Tip

Notes: The finished fondue sticks are not dishwasher safe and should be hand-washed. Since we used removable glue dots to attach the felt decorations, they can be easily replaced as needed.
Always use caution when handling sharp objects and hot contents. Please supervise children who are helping or nearby.


Start by wrapping five of the fondue stick handles with painter’s tape, ¼ of an inch up from the bottom edge of each wood handle. If you have a fondue stick with a red color dot, reserve it for making the Minnie fondue stick — the bump at the top is ideal for making her iconic red hat. Leave one fondue stick free of painter’s tape, to create Pluto.

Paint the fondue sticks with acrylic paints according to each character’s colors. Paint the areas to the top and bottom of the painter’s tape, then allow to dry completely.

After the paint has dried, peel off the painter’s tape. Reapply more tape, covering the inner edges of the colors you’ve just painted. Paint the middle section for each character. Allow to dry, then remove the tape.

If making Minnie, use scalloped scissors to cut a piece of the painter’s tape horizontally. Apply the pointy side of the scallop design just under the section on Minnie that is painted red. Paint above the tape with red paint to create a pretty scalloped edge.

Create dots using a white paint marker. You will need to create mini dots for Minnie, and four larger dots as Donald’s buttons. Use a yellow paint marker to create Mickey’s buttons. If you don’t have a paint marker, apply small blobs of yellow paint using a toothpick.

Create details like hats, bows, and ears from craft felt. Sketch the shapes on the felt using a black marker. Cut the shapes out, leaving a bit of the black outline on the cut-out. This will help the shape of your cut-outs stand out. If making Minnie, use a piece of black twine to attach her hat to her daisy. Attach all the felt details to the fondue sticks using adhesive glue dots.

Enjoy your fondue sticks with a yummy bowl of fondue and plenty of dippers!

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