Finding Nemo Easter Eggs

April 1, 2021 , , ,
Change up the usual way of coloring Easter eggs this year with these cute eggs inspired by Finding Nemo!  Use rubber bands to make seaweed-like patterns on blue and green eggs, and don’t forget to paint one orange with white stripes for our favorite little fish.
Items Needed:
– hard boiled eggs
– egg coloring kit
– rubber bands
– wooden egg
– orange paint
– white paint
– Place 2-3 rubber bands around the hard boiled eggs.
– Dip the eggs into blue and green dyes and let dry.
– Remove rubber bands to reveal the seaweed design.
– Paint the wooden egg orange and let dry.
– Paint white stripes on the orange egg to look like Nemo.
-Hide the eggs around your house or yard on Easter and tell your kids that one of the eggs is extra special. They will love finding Nemo!
Activity found on Disney Family.
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