Belle’s Easter Crown – Craft

Here’s a cute Easter craft idea courtesy of Disney Family!

Belle’s Easter Crown

Hosting a party at an enchanted castle definitely calls for a little whimsy, and this playful crown fits the bill. Fashioned from a ring of beautiful paper eggs, it makes an amusing yet smashing top-off to Princess Belle’s Easter gown. Of course, it will look equally stunning perched on the head of the up-and-coming princess in your household!

Download PDF-

Time: 30 Minutes

What You’ll Need

Measuring tape
Scrapbook paper
Glue stick
How To Make It

Measure around your child’s head to determine the diameter of the crown you need to make.

Print the template and cut out the pieces.

For the center front of the crown, use the large egg template to cut out two matching scrapbook paper eggs.

Glue them together back to back with the printed sides face out.

Use the remaining template to make a bunch of smaller scrapbook paper eggs.

To assemble the crown, apply glue along the side edge of a small egg and attach it to the back of the large egg so that the two overlap about 1/2 inch. Attach a second small egg to the opposite side of the large egg.

Continue adding eggs in this way until you reach the desired length. Then glue the two end eggs together so that they overlap completely.

Stay tuned for craft ideas! Happy Easter!

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