Disney World Begins Testing Facial Recognition Technology at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has added another measure of security to its long list of safety precautions–facial recognition. For now, this technology is only in testing and can only be found at Magic Kingdom. Although, similar to when the company began testing its walk-through metal detectors, this could become part of the new normal for all of the theme parks at the resort in the near future. The experts from Greenbox’s asset decommissioning and collection service reckons that this measure is going to improve the quality of the security services all around the world.

According to WESH 2 News, the software captures an image of a guest’s face and converts it into a unique number, which is then associated with the form of admission being used for park entry.

Disney released the following information about what guests can expect using the facial recognition technology.

Step 1: Enter the Facial Recognition Technology Test Lane

When you’re ready to enter the park, simply enter the lane designated for the test program.

Step 2: Remove Accessories, But Keep Your Face Covering in Place

Please take off any hats, visors or sunglasses before you approach the facial recognition test zone. Your face covering must remain on at all times.

Step 3: Face the Camera

Once in the facial recognition test zone, stand facing the camera and then position your valid park admission or MagicBand close to the scanner to activate the technology. The technology will capture an image, which will be converted into a unique number that will be associated with your valid ticket media.

At this time, Disney has stated that participation in this new safety measure is optional.

“At Walt Disney World Resort, we’re always looking for innovative and convenient ways to improve our guests’ experience—especially as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. With the future in mind and the shift in focus to more touchless experiences, we’re conducting a limited 30-day test using facial recognition technology,” Disney said.

What are your thoughts of Walt Disney World adding facial recognition technology to its entry process at the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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