TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living – We’re Going to Disney World!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s time for our weekly check in! This one is a little bit different but could be interesting if you stick with me… let’s do it!

As everybody knows, last weekend was the Super Bowl. The big game was being hosted down here in Florida, and there were pregame festivities happening in Tampa Bay. For the first time ever, we actually live in a state where the football team was playing in the Super Bowl. As long suffering fans of the Detroit Lions, this was new for us. Bless their hearts…. maybe next year Detroit. On Saturday we drove to Tampa to check out the NFL Experience that was happening along the water. It was quite fun, and overall a very positive event. People were so friendly, talking to each other, fist bumping instead of hugs and high fives. Sign of the times. We wore our Detroit shirts, even though our team never makes it very far. I was surprised at how many Detroit fans were there, we kept getting stopped! There was plenty of food booths and merchandise, plus various photo spots. I’m so glad that we went to check it out!

Sunday night was obviously the Super Bowl, and we made plans to watch the game and of course have snacks. My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday is usually the commercials, half time show and having a extra goodies to munch on. While watching the game each year I’m also working because there usually is Disney news that hits. Movie trailers mostly. Plus we wait for the “I’m going to Disney World” commercial too. Because of Covid, there wasn’t going to be a Super Bowl parade at Magic Kingdom this year. However filming was still happening so we went over on Monday to check things out!

Magic Kingdom was crowded on Monday, with a lot of guests wearing football jerseys. Maybe some thought that the parade was still happening. I’m not usually one for stakeout types of reporting, but we gave it a try. Scott, Lizz and I waited over three hours in a spot we heard that Rob Gronkowski was supposed to be. He never showed up to that spot. However another celebrity did, it was Michael Jordan! Truth be told, we didn’t know who he was at first. He was wearing a hat, mask and glasses so we didn’t catch on. He did have a Jordan face mask on but still, we had no clue. He was there with his family so of course we didn’t bother him. Even being that close to the basketball legend himself, we played it cool. After about 3 1/2 hours we gave up and walked towards the hub. You could see Gronkowski backstage filming and a crowd was forming. Just as I walked up, the crowd decided to chant his name to get his attention, and it worked. What’s funny is, while we were recording him, he was recording us on his Instagram at the same time. At least I got to see him even if it was the wrong spot… plus that whole Michael Jordan spotting was an unexpected surprise too!

This week we are trying to wind down loose ends for work so we can enjoy my birthday weekend that’s coming up. Since we moved to Florida it’s been a tradition to do something Disney related for my birthday, and I’m always happy with that. It’s supposed to rain but I’ll do my best to try to enjoy it regardless. Next week I will tell to about what kind of fun activities we did, so check back then! Also tomorrow there’s a media event at Disney so watch my Instagram stories for coverage! Until next time, as always, sending you love, blessings and pixie dust! Be safe and I’ll see ya real soon! -M

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