Disneyland Debuts New Annual Pass Options in Surveys to Passholders

January 30, 2021 ,

According to a new report by OC Register, it seems Disneyland’s new annual pass program may require advance reservations for guests looking to visit the resort’s theme parks. However, it’s believed it might also allow for some flexibility for pass holders who want to pop in to the park for some last minute thrills.

This news comes from new surveys going out to Disneyland pass holders by email, which are being used to determine the most popular combinations and price points for the new membership program, which will replace the former annual pass program at the southern California resort.

According to Disney officials, “the surveys, along with extensive qualitative research, will offer consumer insights to help inform the development of future Disneyland membership offerings designed to deliver choice, flexibility and value.”

As we previously shared, Disneyland has already announced it will no longer be offering its prior annual pass program, which just ended earlier this month. Additionally, both parks are unlikely to return to full operation until at least spring or summer due to COVID-19 health and safety reopening guidelines issued by the state of California. Although, from these surveys, previous pass holders seem to be getting a pretty good idea of what admissions will look like upon the theme park resort’s reopening.

OC Register shares there are currently eight known membership packages that have been identified from these pass holder surveys. Pricing for these packages are said to range from $399 to $1,399.

The surveys also include possible changes that may be coming to the pass holder programs, which include the fact that all memberships might require guests to make advance reservations with pass holders being able to make 2, 4, or 6 reservation windows ranging from 60 to 90 to 120 days.

OC Register also reports many of the membership options in the surveys offer “blackout day tickets,” which can be used on days when a pass holder can’t access Disneyland or DCA due to the blackout calendar.

Other new additions found in the surveys include:

  • Anytime Reservations: These can be used on short notice without an advance reservation. Memberships presented in the surveys offered 2, 4, or 6 anytime reservations — or none at all.
  • Dedicated entrances to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure just for pass holders.

OC Register shares it’s believed these surveys have been tailored to individual pass holders depending on their past annual pass purchases in an attempt to determine what options and prices may be most appealing.

Parking prices were listed in the surveys. However, they were said to be all over the map, according to OC Register. At this time, Disneyland has not made any official announcements on their replacement annual memberships. But from this survey it seems more information will hopefully be coming soon!

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