Disney World Guest Arrested for Attacking Security Guard at Animal Kingdom

On October 25, a guest to Disney’s Animal Kingdom reportedly assaulted a security guard for no apparent reason. In a report from Police describing the crime, the attack was said to have occurred due to the guest experiencing “excited delirium.”

According to Orlando Sentinel, authorities arrested 19-year-old James Arvid and charged him with battery on a security guard. Per a recently released sheriff’s report, it’s been alleged that the young man tackled a security guard from behind by the DinoLand USA area of the park.

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The suspect reportedly put the security guard in a headlock and continued to hold him down while he radioed for help. As Arvid held the security guard in his arms, surrounding park guests intervened and aided in subduing the attacker. According to Fox 35, the security guard only received minor injuries during the incident.

Police officers eventually arrived to the scene and restrained Arvid, who was later taken to a nearby hospital in Celebration.

According to a sheriff’s report, Arvid was described as being “in a state of excited delirium and unexpected strength.” An emergency room doctor was said to have reported that Arvid had showed signs of alcohol and drug use, along with heatstroke.

Credit: Disney

Arvid reportedly claimed he had taken LSD and that he couldn’t remember anything about the incident in the park involving the security guard. He pleaded not guilty to the battery charge.

In a statement obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, a spokesperson for Disney World said, “We do not tolerate violence of any kind on our property and appreciate those, including the Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who quickly came to the aid of this cast member.”

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