It’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday! Each year on this day, we usually see new Mickey themed products and such, and this year is no exception! What about Mickey themed braces for your teeth? Oh yes, check it out!

Disney has partnered with WildSmiles Braces, an innovative supplier of unique bracket shapes on a first-ever collaboration that gives patients the chance to align their smiles with a touch of magic.

Braces are an important tool in achieving a healthy, straight smile, and the WildSmiles Disney collection adds an extra element of fun and excitement to the orthodontic experience. It’s important to remember, however, that proper dental care and regular check-ups are still necessary while wearing braces. A Sunset Park, NY dental clinic can provide comprehensive orthodontic care, including regular adjustments and cleanings to ensure that patients’ braces are working effectively and their teeth and gums remain healthy throughout the treatment process. So, while the WildSmiles Disney collection may add a touch of magic to the orthodontic experience, it’s important to remember that dental health should always come first.

The new Disney collection features brackets in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. WildSmiles is designed to enhance the orthodontic experience and empower patients of all ages to have fun and express personal creativity while wearing braces.

“As an innovator in orthodontic treatment, we are thrilled to collaborate with Disney,” said WildSmiles founder Clarke Stevens, DDS, MS. “Mickey Mouse is a beloved character that inspires creativity and has always had a way of spreading ear-to-ear smiles for generations. That animated spirit reinforces the new fun perspective we have brought to orthodontic correction through the WildSmiles brand.”

The full Disney Collection also includes colored elastics featuring other popular Disney characters, such as Dory from “Finding Nemo” and Olaf from “Frozen.” WildSmiles’ original Signature Collection comes in six classic shape brackets, including hearts and stars, and the College Collection offers 19 college mascots, including the Auburn Tigers and Kansas State Wildcats.

“The quality of a traditional orthodontic treatment plan doesn’t change with WildSmiles,” said Dallas orthodontist and WildSmiles provider Dr. Michael Ragan of Ragan Orthodontics, “We understand that sometimes kids and teens view braces as another hard part of growing up and may not consider them fun. But with WildSmiles, patients are able to feel confident in their smile and are excited about the orthodontic experience when they’re able to pick shapes that reflect their favorite team or passion.”

More than 2,000 orthodontists nationwide have offered WildSmiles since the company’s inception in 2002. Patients can find their nearest provider at

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