“The Child” Painted Pumpkin Craft!

The force will be strong at your house this Halloween with this adorable painted pumpkin inspired by The Child!

What You’ll Need

8″ Pumpkin
Acrylic paint (light green, black, white, dark green)
The Child printable template (click “Download PDF” above)
Hot glue
Glue stick

How To Make It

Begin by covering your work surface with newspaper or craft paper.

Paint the pumpkin with light green paint, and don’t forget the stem! Add an additional coat of light green paint, if needed. Let dry completely.

Click “Download PDF” and print out The Child ears and facial features onto cardstock. Carefully cut out. https://family.disney.com/craft/the-child-painted-pumpkin-inspired-by-the-mandalorian/

Using the template as a guide, lightly sketch the facial features onto the pumpkin with pencil.

Fill in with black and dark green paint. Let dry completely.

Attach The Child’s ears to each side of the pumpkin with hot glue. You may need to trim the edge to better match the shape of your pumpkin.

Once the black paint for the eyes is completely dry, add two dots (one smaller than the other) of white paint to each eye.
Create the collar by trimming two pieces of cardstock to a 2.5″ width. Attach one set of edges together with the glue stick. Loop around and secure the other ends with the glue stick, creating a circle shape. Cut out a small notch on each side of the collar, just below the ears for a better fit.

Place the pumpkin onto the collar and enjoy!

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