Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! This week we have something new to talk about! All Disney of course! Let’s get right to it!

Life has been pretty hectic lately, so we decided to do a little staycation at Disney. It’s been on my bucket list to stay at the Contemporary Resort for years now, so that’s where we went. I was so excited. Yes, Disney property is ten minutes up the road from us, but I still am always thrilled when we stay there. There have been times when friends stayed at the Contemporary and we visited, but it was finally our turn! Park view was a must, and our room was on the 10th floor. The view up there is simply magical. I spent so much time on the balcony, especially in the evening when the castle was lit up. Just beautiful!

After we checked in and I stood on the balcony for a few, we headed over to Epcot. The parks close early right now so we didn’t have a lot of time. The monorail doesn’t run to Epcot currently so we hopped in the car and went! There were a few hours left for us to walk around World Showcase and browse the shops. We had a good time. Once we got back to the resort, we went to the Contempo Cafe and the gift shop. Also, we took a stroll out by the water, it was so quiet out there! It’s different at the resorts right now, especially on the monorail loop. The monorail does not run after  things close, no resort hopping, so you find things to do at the hotel.

On Saturday, we decided to just wing it. We had breakfast at the resort and just relaxed a bit. In the afternoon we had dining reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern so we walked over to Magic Kingdom. The Halloween cavalcades were running periodically so we got to see them. It’s awesome that we are still getting some Halloween magic even though the parties are canceled. Hey, I’ll take what I can get! After the park we went back to the resort to swim. The humidity was awful so I was ready for it! It’s nice that you can just walk to and from the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary too, so convenient!

The weekend went fast and before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go home. Truthfully, I couldn’t get enough of that view of the Magic Kingdom. You go to bed looking at Cinderella Castle and see it again when you wake up. It really doesn’t get much better than that. I remember there was a time that I didn’t put much emphasis on a hotel room because we were so busy at the parks during the day. But now after staying at the Contemporary finally, I’ve changed my mind. Being at the parks is wonderful of course, but there’s something to be said about just relaxing at the resort and enjoying the pool and such. Even though we live close by I was sad to leave. I will definitely stay there again, it was everything I hoped it would be any more!

Well that’s it for this week. It’s been a busy one but I wanted to take a few minutes out for our Wednesday night chat. I appreciate you keeping up with us every week! Until next time, sending you all lots of love, blessings and pixie dust. See ya real soon! -M

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