One thing for sure about Disney fans is that we like to collect various things. Whether it be Funko POPS, trading pins, Disney plush or figurines… it’s a fun hobby. Do you remember back in the day when TY Beanie Babies were all the rage at McDonald’s? I recall so many people driving to multiple restaurants to get the full collection. Even though that wasn’t Disney, it’s still a similar tradition today. So heads up Disney collectors, there are some new Pixar toys in town in McDonald’s Happy Meals! Keychains! Take a look!

As you can see, there are quite a few Pixar characters available, including a character from the upcoming movie “Soul.”  I do believe I have to find a Buzz Lightyear & Lightning McQueen for my nephew! So cute… Let the hunt begin!


Photos from Main Streeter Samantha S.

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