Post-Quarantine Observations~ Kennedy Space Center

Note: We are annual pass holders at Kennedy Space Center and have visited prior with a complete experience. We booked for 5/31 primarily for the purpose of viewing the launch if it had been scrubbed on May 30th. However, we decided to go anyway and see how things were working outpost quarantine. Any views and opinions are mines only as they might refer to the future Disney experience.

Prior to arriving at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) you are required to make online reservations and can purchase your tickets prior. I called on Friday for a Sunday reservation. (Tickets for Saturday were already sold out due to the scheduled launch) I was on hold for about 45 minutes before speaking with an agent. She was very friendly and looked up our AP information. There was availability for Sunday, and we had to choose an arrival time starting at 10 am and every half hour thereafter. We opted for 11 am as new KSC hours are 10 am-4 pm daily. Shortened hours so they can clean and disinfect daily. The agent then proceeded to screen me with a whole gamut of questions. Had we been out of the country? Exhibiting any symptoms? Agree to notify KSC if we felt ill after our visit? Would we be willing to wear a mask the entire time at KSC? After positive answers, our reservation was confirmed. Disney has announced a reservation system for their parks and with their efficiency, I don’t think this will present an issue. Even with limited capacity and four parks open, I think most will be able to secure a reservation.

We arrived on time and proceeded to the entrance. There was the normal security screening and they were asking those without masks to please put them on. After security, we were quickly temperature scanned and admitted. The entire process was less than 10 minutes. Relating this to Disney I think that this process will be just as efficient. Disney has more stations open as they are a larger park and can rapidly move people through.

Known as the “Trusted Space” program there are precautionary signs throughout KSC as well as floor markings. In any enclosed area there were directional arrows for the flow of traffic as well as markers as to where you should stand for social distancing. Their safety guidelines are the standard to wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and keep a safe distance. Their safeguards include over 30 locations with hand sanitizers, increased frequency of disinfecting surface, and compliance with CDC guidelines. I can easily see the same type of procedures with signage inside of Disney.

The biggest difference in this post quarantine visit is that many of the exhibits are not open. Any open type area or an easily walked through the exhibit is open and operational. Bus tours, presentations, theatre experiences, rides (shuttle simulation) playgrounds are all closed at this time. Meet and greet experiences are also closed down currently. Our one “character experience” was limited behind a rope.

They also had only one gift shop and two food locations open while we were there. Previously we spent almost the entire day at KSC and still did not get everything seen. With this visit, we were done within two hours and had seen pretty much everything that was open. It should be noted that KSC has dropped its entrance price to reflect the limited experience. Disney has announced that large group attractions such as parades, fireworks, and character greetings will be limited. This was our first experience at seeing how this will play out.

I do offer some final thoughts on our visit. I would estimate that close to 98% of the people complied with wearing the masks. Everywhere I looked the majority of people had them on. There were a few cast members that asked people without their mask to “please put them” and most complied. There was one lady that simply chose not to and there seemed to be no enforcement. Personally, when I reserved the ticket, I agreed to wear a mask and that was that. I felt if you are not going to listen then you should be asked to leave. Masks are a little uncomfortable in the Florida sun but again the option is to stay home. I estimate that around 75% of the people followed the directional signage. I had a problem with the arrows as they were small in some areas. Some people just could not figure out to stand on the 6’ circles in a line. Relating this to Disney I think they will have this well thought out with larger signage and better enforcement.

As we embark into this new situation there are differences as things begin to open. However, if you stay positive and remember the “why” it can still be an enjoyable day. We had fun and made some great “post-quarantine” memories.

Chuck Guth

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