If you are looking for a fun craft to try, this might do the trick. Get ready for Spring & Summer with this idea from Disney Family!

Transform your tin cans into art with this simple project! Flowers, herbs, and seeds will all grow beautifully in these colorful little flower pots. Succulents are especially great here as they are easy to care for and don’t require much water. Get creative — use a variety of cans in different shapes and sizes, and add some colorful Mickey shapes for a truly magical look!

What You’ll Need

Empty tin cans, washed and dried
Small towel
White acrylic paint
Paint palette
Measuring tape
Washi or painter’s tape
Foam daubers in a variety of sizes
Acrylic paint (Choose your favorite colors!)
Small plants, such as succulents
Gravel (optional)

How To Make It

Place a folded towel under an upside-down can. Use a hammer and nail to create 3 small holes at the bottom of each can.

Paint the cans with white paint. You may need a few layers to get the color to look solid. Allow the paint to dry completely. Note: if there are any sharp edges inside the can, you will want to completely cover them with tape before painting.

Use a pencil and measuring tape to lightly mark evenly spaced dots for creating a uniform Mickey pattern. For Mickey faces 1-inch or less, it’s ideal to mark each dot 2 inches apart. To create a colored band around the top or bottom edges of a can, use washi tape.

Use foam daubers and colored paint to impress Mickey faces and ears onto the tin. For example, use a ¾-inch dauber for his face and a ½-inch dauber for his ears. Allow the paint to dry completely. If needed, use a small paint brush dipped in white paint to “erase” any errors made with the colored paints.

Fill a finished planter with soil until almost full. Insert a small plant in each can and fill any empty space with more soil. Optionally, top the soil with gravel.

Create a variety of planters in different shapes and sizes, and enjoy watching your plants thrive!

Be sure to secure tape over any sharp edges inside the tin can before painting

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