It’s Wednesday, week six of home quarantine if I’m keeping track. I have not been doing my regular updates on Wednesdays because simply, there isn’t much to talk about. I am in the same boat as all of you as far as not being able to go anywhere, see the people that I love, or have any sort of normal to our every day. There are no adventures here currently! However, this week I thought we would check in and talk a little bit about how people are still making magic during quarantine time! Let’s chat!

In the past week or so, I’ve gotten to see how people celebrate birthdays now, still keeping within the lines of social distancing so to speak. My one and only nephew celebrated his second birthday. Of course, we had to send him something Disney related. Originally I had planned to go to the parks and pick him out some goodies, but obviously that was not possible so we got creative. This little boy, my “baby shark” as I call him (his name is Jaxon) loves him some Buzz Lightyear. In a perfect world my wish would be to take him to Toy Story Land, introduce him to Buzz and Woody, and buy him all the things. Someday I hope. So, we sent him a Buzz Lightyear bicycle that makes laser noises and a matching hoodie to wear when he rides it. Even the hoodie makes noise. Apologizes to my sister-in-law and brother. We got to FaceTime with him on his birthday, so that was nice. Instead of a party they had people come by and drop gifts and such on the porch. Totally different this year, but he still had a great day. Speaking of different… have you heard of drive by birthday parades?

On Friday evening, there was a drive-by birthday parade for one of my favorite Disney people. Her family and friends were putting together a surprise parade for her and we were invited to partake. I was kind of excited to do this because I was seeing others on social media having these sorts of parties and it looked fun. So what did we have to do? Well, the instructions were to meet inside her neighborhood at 7pm and we would all parade in front of her house. We made a Happy Birthday sign, everyone was honking and waving, she got gifts through the window. It was fantastic. My friend John was in the car line too, but we could only wave. There were others I knew too which we were able to say hello to from afar. It made me so happy to see others, it made me want to cry. It’s so weird how your perspective changes when something major happens, how much more you appreciate everything. Seeing our friend overwhelmed with birthday love and magic was just what my heart needed.

My dear mother celebrated her birthday this week too, on Sunday. The boys and I surprised her and video called her instead of a regular phone call, which made her very happy. She cried a little, I suppose that’s where I get it from. We had sent her a little gift in the mail but had something else for her planned for when she was supposed to visit us in a couple of weeks. Obviously my parents had to cancel their trip. We always look forward to their visit every spring and are so disappointed that we will not get that this year. I haven’t seen my family in months and it’s going to be longer unfortunately. Hopefully once this mess is over we can make plans to see everyone. She still had a nice birthday considering the circumstances, she deserves that and so much more. Happy Birthday Mom, we love you!

Another special birthday mention before we go. As most know, TMSM started 10 years ago this summer. One of the very first people to join us is our friend Corey and his better half, LaKresha. They aren’t only on our staff, but have become family to us! Their sweet son Stellan became a teenager on Monday. They set up a Facebook group for well wishes, but I wanted to give him and extra shoutout! Happy 13th Birthday Stell, we hope you had a wonderful day!

So, the point of this weeks blog, is that we can still find ways to share the magic and send people love, even from afar. Yes, this quarantine situation is hard, but we have to remember that it’s temporary. This too shall pass, and the safety of our family and friends takes priority. I miss everyone, I sure do miss Disney, I miss my job. Now is a great time to practice extra kindness, understanding, plus gratitude and appreciation for the things we do have. I hope you all are doing well, please take care of yourselves. Sending you all love, blessings and pixie dust. See ya real soon! -M

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