10 Random Facts About Disney ~ Did you know?

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m an avid Disney book reader. I have close to 400 books on the subject of Disney; whether it’s about the parks, movies, television or Walt himself. There’s a lot of random knowledge out there, so I get excited when I read something that I did not already have stored away in my memory. I’ve written several of these articles over the years and as I read through my Disney library, I compile a list of “Obscure Facts” that are new to me. So of course as I find new ones I like to pass them along to you guys. I hope you enjoy these “new to me” facts about Disney.

Walt_Disney_World_Resort_entrance1. Everyone loves the mosaics that are inside Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. But did you know that 6 artists led by Hanns-Joachim Scharff made this masterpiece? Who’s’ that? Scharff was a German interrogator during World War 2. He also crafted the mosaics outside The Land pavilion in Epcot.

2. MGM bought the rights to one Oz novel; Walt on the other hand bought the rights to 12 others. He had a script written that was later discarded, he decided an attraction at Disneyland would be better suited. That idea was also later abandoned.

3. Most Disney fans have heard of the Hidden Mickeys that are placed in the parks. But did you know that some have also popped up at Universal Studios in Florida and Hollywood?

4. The infamous “I’m not a crook” speech given by President Nixon was given at Disney World.

5. Johnny Depp has dressed as Captain Jack and hidden in the Pirates of Caribbean attraction a reportedly 3 times.

6. My favorite chip, Doritos, was invented at Disneyland in the early 1960’s.

7. The day Steve Jobs died, Disney flew the flags at half-mast. He was also the largest single Disney shareholder.

8. Do you know what two of the most common words found amongst pub names in the U.K. are? If you guessed Rose & Crown, you are correct.

9. Out of the 18 opening day attractions at Disneyland, 14 are still around today.

10. Until 1991 Disneyland had a tobacco shop on Main Street. In addition, a lingerie shop was present on opening day.

So there you have it, 10 of the newest facts about Disney that I have recently stumbled upon. If you have any obscure facts, let them be known in the comments sections. Until next time!


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