Belle-Inspired Mickey Ears for Your Adventurous Pup

I have two sweet bulldog pups who I adore.  They of course have cute Disney themed collars and leashes, as I’m sure a lot of you have for your fur babies.  But what about mouse ears? If you’re looking to try ears for your dogs, you can actually make a pair! Disney Family has instructions on how to make Belle inspired Mickey ears that are so adorable, I had to share the details with you! Here’s how  you make them!

What You’ll Need

1 sheet 9×12″ yellow felt
Glue gun or fabric glue
(2) 9″ long elastic pieces
1/8 yard gold fabric
Needle and thread
Polyester stuffing
Mini fabric roses, stems removed

How To Make It

To create the ears, cut 4 circles 2.5″ in diameter from the yellow felt. To create the base of the headband, cut 2 bean-shaped pieces about 5″ long.

Glue two circles together leaving a 1″ opening at the bottom. (This will be one ear.) Repeat with the other circles. Then glue the base pieces together, sandwiching the ends of the elastic in between the layers.

Where the opening is, glue the flaps to the base at an angle. Repeat with the other ear.

To create the bow, cut out 2 3×5″ rectangles. Hand sew around the edges with the right sides together, leaving a 1″ opening on the bottom edge. Flip the bow inside out and lightly stuff with the polyester stuffing. Sew together the opening.

Cut another long strip 2×8″ long. (This will be the middle.) Fold under the long ends of the strip and wrap around the center of the bow. Hand sew the ends to secure. Glue the bow to the center of the base.

To stabilize the ears, glue the edges of the ears to the backside of the bow. (The base should be curved to follow the shape of your dog’s head.)

Decorate them by gluing mini roses to the ears.

Loop the second piece of elastic around the other elastic attached to the headband base. The long side should wrap around the back of the ears, and then loop back around the other side of the elastic. Hand sew in place.

To place on your pup’s ears, guide their head through the opening — making sure the back elastic is also at the top of their head.

Then gently move your dog’s ears through the elastic. Adjust the back elastic for a customized fit.

Make sure to use nontoxic glue and animal-friendly materials. Also, all cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

Thank you to Disney Family for the photos and instructions!

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