BOMA flavors of Africa -Breakfast Review

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Anyone who knows me will know that my favorite meal to eat is breakfast.  Usually when I am choosing a table service dining experience at Disney, I will look for a breakfast or brunch option.  This comes with some perks! First, it is cheaper and second you can satisfy more pallets at breakfast time.  One of my favorite restaurants to eat breakfast at the Walt Disney World Resort is Boma, which is in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Boma is in the part of the lodge called Jambo house.  It is where the main resort check-in is located.  When you enter the resort, you will head toward the back towards the overlook of the savannah.  You will then descend some stairs and go to the bottom of the building where you will give your name.  While you wait you can venture outside and you might even see some of the animals feeding in the savannah.  Once you are called you will enter the restaurant which is really something to see.

The restaurant has a thatched roof and beautiful artwork from Africa adorn every corner.  You are seated and introduced to the layout of the buffet.  The cast member taking care of you will then bring you beverages which include a special juice to start off.  The juice is guava and passion fruit mostly and is delicious.  When it is time to head to the buffet there are endless options.  If you are an adventurous eater there are new dishes to try and if you are not you can still get a Mickey waffle. Or because it is Boma, you can get one with Simba on it which is a different option.  Personally  I don’t really mind the shape of the waffle, they are delicious either way and one or two always end up on my plate!

The buffet starts out with a carving station where they have ham and turkey.  The meat is delicious and is a nice compliment to the other offerings which include oak-grilled asparagus and tomatoes, quinoa and sweet plantains.  You will also find French toast bread pudding, which is a must-try.  It is so delicious it melts in your mouth.  If you would prefer eggs, you can make your own omelet.  They have a station for that which includes all the toppings you could think of.  There is a wide selection of fruit, bread, and pastries as well.  If you have a dietary restriction or you would like an item not of the buffet line, simply ask.  A friend of mine loves French toast and they don’t have traditional French toast on the buffet.  He asked the cast member and voila, there was French toast!  He still stays to this day that it was the best French toast he has ever had.  We have been back with him several times and he requests it every time.  I think that is what I love about this restaurant.  The food is delicious, and the service is outstanding.

Boma is not a character dining experience.  This does affect the cost since character dining is always a little more expensive.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love eating at the character buffets. Especially with my little girl who is all about the characters.  However sometimes, can we be honest here? I just want to eat.  So, it’s a nice change from the character dining experience where I feel like I don’t get to enjoy my breakfast as much.  In the new year, perhaps give Boma a try! They are also open for lunch and dinner as well with different but delicious offerings.  Check the My Disney Experience App for reservation availability today!


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