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How was everyone’s week?  This week we have been so busy getting ready for Christmas at our house.  I can’t wait for Christmas vacation! I’m a teacher for those of you that don’t know and my kiddos are so ready to be on their holiday break. This week I went to my Ohana for a topic.  My good friend and fellow moderator Chuck Guth gave me the idea.  So, I just celebrated my anniversary with my husband on Thanksgiving.  He works odd hours, so we are like passing ships right now, but he loves Disney too.  One of our first dates was at Disney.  Let’s say you are going on a date to Disney… what are the top five romantic spots at the parks? Let’s discuss it!

  1. Pandora at night-Animal Kingdom

I love Pandora.  It’s beautiful but it takes on a whole new atmosphere at night.  The whole place lights up and glows.  Even the sounds change from day to night.  The floating mountains and the waterfalls are breathtaking.  So, it is worth a stroll down that way.  My husband loves the little walk-up near the shop in Pandora called Pongu Pongu.  You can get a delicious snack there called the Pongu Lumpia, it’s a cream cheese filled spring roll with pineapple.  Split one with your partner, grab a beverage and just take it all in.

  1. Echo Lake-Hollywood Studios

I love Echo lake.  It’s a pretty spot and has a nice ambiance at any time of the year.  Right now, with the holiday decorations it’s even better.  There is a small walk-up, Dockside Diner, which has some yummy options to munch on as you walk.  My personal favorite? The Trolley Car Café for a Starbucks then maybe get some popcorn.  That’s just me, but who doesn’t love a yummy Starbucks? They have delicious desserts there as well if you would rather have that with your beverage.  There are benches you can sit on and people watch while you enjoy some conversation as well.  My husband and I did this last year at Christmas, it was so nice just to sit and chat and catch up, and Echo lake is a great place for it!

  1. Italy Bridge-Epcot

Italy is my favorite country in the World Showcase.  I am Italian, so I guess it makes sense.  I love that bridge! I have seen quite a few proposals on that bridge, photoshoots too.  I think last year I saw people taking prom pictures on it as well.  If you are unsure where I am talking about, it is near the American Gardens Theater.  They do use this area for special events at times, so it is not always accessible. I suppose I am not the only one who thinks it’s a good spot.  I have always wanted to watch the fireworks from there, but I have never been fortunate enough to do so. It’s on my Disney bucket list!

  1. Tangled Lantern Photo -Magic Kingdom

I have been trying to do this photpass for a long time!  I just need to get my husband to the Magic Kingdom at night.  So, if you don’t know, over by the Tangled bathrooms, there is a photopass opportunity at night by the lanterns.  You can hold a lantern with your partner, just like the way Rapunzel and Flynn Rider did in the movie.  That’s my favorite part of the movie because that is the moment when they both realize they are in love. It’s a beautiful spot at night, just get there early so that you don’t have too long of a wait.  I see people start to line up right before dusk

  1. Cinderella Castle, During the Fireworks-Magic Kingdom

I think the castle is beautiful, especially at night.  I always look around when I am there, you never know when someone is going to be asked for their hand in marriage.  I love being a witness to such a special occasion. Even if you are not planning a proposal the castle is still a romantic spot.  The lights, the music during the show.. it is a beautiful site to see.  Even not during the fireworks, it is still romantic.  I think it’s the awe of it all.

Do you have a favorite date night spot at Disney? Tell us about it in the comments!

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