Top 5 Things To Do At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Happy Sunday Ohana!

I hope that your week was a good one.  Mine was pretty good because it started off last Sunday spending time in one of my favorite new hangouts, Batuu!  I love this new area of Hollywood Studios, and I think when they open up the second attraction more people will feel this way as well, it’s exciting! However, there are a lot of fun things to do in this galaxy far far away….So here are my top five things to do in Batuu!

  1. Try to Blue/Green Milk

Now I had to ask my Star Wars obsessed husband about the origins of the milk in the movies so here goes.  The blue milk is in the first-ever star wars movie released in 1977,  A New Hope.  Luke Skywalker’s aunt, serves up milk from a female Bantha which is kind of like a galactic yak.  Then in the Last Jedi when Luke is on that island he extracts green milk from an alien sea cow.  Not to worry folks you don’t have to do any of this to try the milk.  There is a milk stand and you can get the milk with or without the rum.  Its sort of tastes like a smoothie.  I purchased the blue but I did ask to just try the green and I do like blue better.  The blue was more of a fruit flavor and it was tasty.

  1. Den of Antiquities

This place was really neat.  They have all sorts of things to purchase is this store, but if you look around there are some neat pieces of merchandise that you might recognize from the movies.  I could have spent over an hour in here just exploring, but it is not a great location with a two-year-old in a stroller.  I love to shop so looking around in a store is fun for me.  It’s one of those shops that when you go inside, you will see something new each time.  So I suggest you go back there a few times to take it all in.

  1. Try the food!

The food in this land is my favorite.  We love the Docking Bay 7 food and Cargo restaurant and the Kat Sanka’s Kettle for the popcorn.  The first time we went on passholder preview day, we each got a different dish at the restaurant and tried a bit of each thing.  I loved it all, very yummy.  There is another walk up in Batuu called Ronto Roasters that serves sausage and pork wraps. We didn’t try that yet, but they looked really delicious!  The popcorn! It’s really unique it’s sweet like kettle corn but then there are these slightly spicy pieces mixed in and its really a perfect combination.  So don’t go when you are not hungry because you should definitely try the food in Batuu!

  1. Oga’s Cantina

I am putting this at number two and I have not been in there myself, don’t judge.  My good friends Melissa and Ronnie have visited a few times and from just what they told me I need a kid-free night to enjoy the ambiance in this unique bar.  If you are not a fan of adult beverages, it’s ok because they do have non-alcoholic options and little snacks to enjoy as well.  It is ok to bring the littles into the cantina so if you have kiddos then don’t worry about that.  Why is this number 2 on my list?  Theming is the answer folks.  I mean, this whole new land is off the charts as far as accuracy in theming is concerned, but this little cantina is really something inside.  So belly on up to the bar and try a beverage or snack before going to my number one destination.

  1. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

This ride is really unique.  It is a simulator that puts you inside a mission to find a power source that Hondo is requesting.  Now you have three jobs to choose from; pilot, gunner or engineer.  There are two people in each position and it’s a different experience for each person depending on their part in the ride.  The theming inside the queue and how real the ride looks is really amazing.  Now, if you like video games you will absolutely do very well in this ride, you’re actually flying.  I had zero coordination but it was still fun.  Right now this is my number one in Batuu, but I think based on what we have heard about the new attraction, Rise of the Resistance, that might change.  Stay tuned!

That’s if for this week folks, see you next time!

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