Haunted Mansion And Dapper Dan’s Funko Items

The big news last week was the release of the new Haunted Mansion Funko Pop! series.  The Glow in the Dark Madame Leota was released at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and sold out quickly.  The entire set of the Haunted Mansion will be released in September according to my contacts at Funko.

Yesterday, I came home to find a box from Funko and received a huge surprise.  They sent me a few of the new figures from the Haunted Mansion collection as well as the D23 Disneyland Dapper Dans set.

The Haunted Mansion Pop! will be available at Target, Hot Topic and Box Lunch once they are released.  Each store has exclusive ones so you will have to visit all 3 stores to get the entire collection.

The Disneyland Dapper Dan’s 4-Pack is available to purchase already if you are a D23 Sorceror level but will be available to all on the convention floor at D23 at the Anaheim Convention Center from August 23rd – 25, 2019.

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