Hello everyone! It’s Sunday and that means it is time for my top five for this week! Saturday I was at Epcot with friends and we were talking about my favorite meal when dining out and that’s Breakfast!  Now when you come to Walt Disney World Resort you have some amazing breakfast options. Here are my top five.

  1. Cape May Café

I love Cape May! It is located in the Beach Club Resort and is such a cute restaurant.  Mornings are the only time this particular restaurant is a character option so if you go to breakfast you will see your favorite characters dressed in beach attire! The food is great too, they have it all… eggs, Mickey waffles, bacon, pastry, yogurt, and fruit.  You get a great character interaction and they spend more time with you than at some of the larger breakfast buffet restaurants.  It’s a fun atmosphere to start your day off on the right foot!

  1. Crystal Palace

Located in the Magic Kingdom, Crystal Palace is a great option for breakfast.  It is another character buffet with Winnie the Pooh and his friends which is adorable! Now if you time it right, you can get into the park really early and get some neat photos of an empty Main Street before the other guests enter.  They have this special French toast that they offer that is amazing, if you go you need to try it! Its called Pooh’s puffed French toast it’s really yummy.  To me, this ranks higher than Cape May because it’s in the Magic Kingdom and it’s so neat to get in before this park opens.  I also love the delicious options.  Most character breakfasts have Mickey, Minnie, and the gang but seeing Pooh and friends is different and special because you can’t meet these characters in every park.

  1. Ohana

I have eaten here for breakfast many times and unlike the previous two this restaurant is not a buffet, it’s a family-style restaurant located in the Polynesian Village Resort. That means that you don’t need to get up to get your food, it comes to you.  They start you off with this delicious juice and pineapple coconut bread that is so good! I could just eat that and be happy.  This restaurant has Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch. The  interaction is so fun.  Stitch is a great  character to meet if you have not met him before, and Lilo is adorable. It’s a plus that you can keep requesting as much of the food as you want (even the bread) until you are satisfied.

  1. Boma

This restaurant is my mom’s favorite.  We have eaten here many times for holidays , birthdays , and after I run my princess race. It’s a buffet but there are no characters here.  What they do have are animals.. because it’s  located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the Jambo House.  As you walk into the Jambo House you can see the Savanna they have at the resort. It’s beautiful.  The art in this resort is unreal and it makes the atmosphere fun and interesting.  The buffet has a lot of different and unique foods which I like to try but they also have the typical breakfast foods too so you can still get your Mickey Waffle.  My friend actually said that he got the best French toast he has ever had at this restaurant.  It’s not even at the buffet, they brought it out to him! How is that for service! When you are done with breakfast, take time to walk around this resort, it is breathtaking.

  1. The Wave of American Flavors

Located in the Contemporary Resort on the first floor this restaurant is a hidden gem!  I love it here for many reasons.  First of all, it is not as expensive as the other options and as a local, I appreciate that. Second, they have a buffet but you can also order off the menu, which is great if you are dining with a person who would only go up to the buffet once.  My mom loves breakfast but she only goes up to a buffet once, so the menu is a great option for her.  Third, this restaurant is not always busy so you can get a reservation fairly easily. The food is great too, on the menu or at the buffet, you can’t go wrong.  It’s very tranquil and quaint in here which I appreciate early in the morning. If you have not tried this restaurant please do, you will love it.

There you have it folks, my top five Disney breakfast restaurants! What is your top five?

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