Top Five Souvenirs For Your First Visit

Hello, Main Streeters!  It’s time for my top five list of the week.  This past week I had some friends visiting from out of town so I was thinking about first visit experiences.  What are the top five souvenirs that you should get on your first trip to Disney World? Here is my top five!

  1. First Visit Button

The best part of these buttons is that they are FREE! That’s right folks, these buttons are free and you can get them at any gift shop at any park or in Disney Springs! They even have them in the resorts if you are staying on property!  They can put your name on the button and the date and you can save them for years to come to always remember your first visit.  There are free buttons for other occasions too. You can get one for your birthday, or anniversary or for celebrating a family reunion at the parks. If you just got engaged or married they have a button for that too.  Sometimes during the year, they have special buttons that they give out for events that happen around the parks.  When Mickey turned 90 they gave out buttons and I’m sure when 50thanniversary happens we will get a button too!

  1. Autograph Book and Pen

So my little one really likes characters ( I do too) and one cool thing to do is buy an autograph book and pen to get autographs from your favorites!  You can get these all over the parks, the springs, or in the hotels. At the end of your trip, you can match your pictures with your signatures and have a keepsake from your first time at Disney.  I’m waiting to do this with my little girl! She is a bit too young to get the concept that the book is for the characters to sign and not to color in so I have to wait, but I know she will love having that memory!  If you miss a few characters you can try to get those on your next trip!

  1. Lanyard and Trading Pins

I actually discovered this little gem on a trip I took in 2011 (I know I’m late to the party) but you can really have fun with this one!  All you need to do is buy a lanyard and some starter pins, you can even get them in a package together if you prefer.  You can trade your pins for other pins with cast members around the park! How neat is this?  Now if you do a little homework, you can find out that some pins are harder to find than others and these hard to find pins will be what you are searching for! You can try to get a collection of pins with certain items on them.  Let’s say you really love Haunted Mansion (who doesn’t), you can try to collect only Haunted Mansion pins!  Or if Donald Duck is your favorite, maybe start your collection with different Donald pins!

  1. Ears

This is the year of the ears, so there is no better time to start collecting.  You simply must own at least one pair of ears.  They have the ear hats and the ear headbands depending on your preference.  This year they even started coming out with premium ears from some top designers and celebrities!  When you get home, you can find a fun way to display your ears. When you get the post-Disney blues, you can wear them with pride! I have a little collection of ears and I love to buy them and share them with my daughter.  So if it’s your first visit make sure to get your ears on!

  1. T-Shirt

I have a collection of these too and it just keeps growing, but it is by far a must-do for a first visit in my opinion!  There are so many to choose from.  Some of the themed shirts have the year on them, others are designed to be worn with a partner.  Some are designed with fan favorite characters or attractions.  You can get shirts for the whole family!  During the holiday season, there are special shirts that come out if you go to one of the parties or special ticket events.   Maybe you want one to represent your favorite park? Whatever you choose it’s a great souvenir and in my opinion a number one for a first visit!

Do you remember your first visit? What are your must-buy items for the first visit to Disney World?

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