Top 5 Snacks at Walt Disney World

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Hello TMSM! I’m Michelle Perkins and I will be here every week to give you my top five lists on various Disney topics! Today I am giving you my top five snacks at Walt Disney World! Ready? Ok, let’s dig in!

5. Dole Whip

Dole whip is amazing.  It has the perfect combination of ice cream and juice and its perfect on a hot day in Florida. It’s my number 5 here because I tend to go for salty snacks or a salty-sweet combination but I do love a dole whip! You can find them all over the property which is helpful! Sometimes I just really want pineapple and that’s another reason to go for this snack ( I mean its fruit so that makes it healthy right?)

4. Mickey Premium bar

Now you can get these bars all over the property and in some cases your grocery store, so that is why it is coming in at number 4 on my list.  This is the perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate. It’s great on a hot day just like dole whip but it has chocolate so it rates higher on my countdown.

3. Glazed nuts

Literally, the smell of these drives me crazy I love them so much.  I can smell them from across the park and I have to get them more often than not.  Now I know they are covered in a glaze and roasted and that makes them maybe not as healthy but nuts are high in protein. It’s Disney after all so go for it! You can find these little bags of goodness all around the property (visit here to know its value and worth) and if you haven’t tried them I say do it!

2. Mickey Pretzel

Soft pretzels have always been one of my favorite snacks but this one is in the shape of Mickey’s face so that makes it even better!  I love these pretzels so much and as a bonus you can get the cheese to dip them in! My little girl likes these too and she will gladly share with me which is great.  The parks have multiple locations that sell the Mickey Pretzel for you to enjoy and I think they make a perfect snack while watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade or Illuminations.

1. Popcorn

My favorite snack period. Popcorn. At Disney, you can get popcorn all around the parks in different buckets! That makes this delightful snack even more enjoyable.  As a family, it is very rare that we go to Disney and don’t get popcorn to snack on. My dad loves the flavored popcorn at Epcot in the little cart near the Imagination Pavilion, the cheese is delicious and they have other flavors too! I personally like to get popcorn when I watch Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom.  It just seems like the right thing to do.  I just love the smell, it hits you as you walk into pretty much any of the parks and it’s like its calling you “please buy and enjoy me” & I cannot resist!

What about you? What are your favorite Disney snacks?

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