New Toy Story 4 Fashion Just in Time for the New Movie! #DisneyStyle

Recently, we started offering new magical fashions in our TMSM Emporium.  Not only can you find various styles for TMSM merchandise, but you can get some novelty items in some of your favorite characters and themes.  Most recently, we added merchandise with Toy Story images on them, just in time for the opening of Toy Story 4 this weekend. We’ve already seen the movie, and it’s fantastic. You’re going to want to get some merch with the new characters on them, as well as the classics.  Here’s a peek at the new goodies!

These are just some examples of what we have to offer in our TMSM Emporium. The designs come in different styles and colors, so you can choose the version you’d like. We also have Toy Story themed TMSM merchandise!

You can find all of these styles and MORE at

Toy Story 4 hits theaters later this week, on June 21st! Enjoy!

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