Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 1

Being Disney locals, we visit Disney Springs pretty regularly.  Most times it’s to walk around, check out the newest merchandise, or to grab a bite to eat.  We don’t always try new places to eat, but on Sunday we met friends for lunch at a place we hadn’t tried yet… Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar!

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 2Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 3

Located on the newer side of Disney Springs, Enzo’s Hideaway really is somewhat of a hidden gem. The restaurant is actually below the walkway! You take stairs down to the check in area, it’s truly unique!

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 4

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 5

What really surprised me was how big the restaurant actually is once you get to the dining area. It’s quite roomy and the atmosphere is amazing.

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 6Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 7

Speaking of amazing… let’s talk about the food. My friend Cindy and I had the chicken parmigiana ciabatta sandwich. Scott had the burger, which he said was the best he’d ever had. Our friend Chad had the pasta. All of the items we ordered were good.

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 8Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 9Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 10

Normally we don’t order dessert, but since this was our first time at Enzo’s Hideaway we decided to splurge. Delicious!

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 11Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 12

So the next time you’re heading to Disney Springs and you’re looking for a dining experience with a fun atmosphere plus delicious Italian food… give Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar a try! You’ll be glad that you did!

Enzo’s Hideaway & Tunnel Bar, #DisneySprings 13

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