Maleficent is Back!

Maleficent is Back! 1

When I saw The Main Street Mouse post that Maleficent was back this past Friday, I was so excited and had to get over to the park to see her for myself.  She is my absolute favorite part of The Festival of Fantasy Parade.  When the parade music started I got so excited, like it was the first time seeing this parade.

We like to sit towards the end of the parade route so I was waiting anxiously for her to get there.  As I was enjoying the parade, I kept peeking around the corner to see if she was coming.  Finally, the time had come!

First I spotted Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, followed by Prince Phillip battling the thorns.  And then there she was, coming around the corner.


Maleficent is Back! 2

Maleficent is Back! 3


So grande, so stunning, she makes such a presence in the parade.  I didn’t realize how much I missed her, until she was back.  The music gets you excited. Will she blow fire?  The music builds up and then it happens, her head goes high, and then she breathes fire and the crowd cheers!

Maleficent is Back! 4

She is absolutely beautiful and such an incredible presence in the parade.  Welcome back Maleficent.  We missed you!

Maleficent is Back! 5




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